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Disclaimer: This Residential Vacancy Tracking website is intended for use by Montgomery County Mental Health and Community Service Providers for informational purposes. The information contained herein is updated by individual organizations and monitored periodically by the Montgomery County Department of BH/DD. It is the responsibility of users of this service to verify that the information presented is current and accurate by contacting the specific program of interest.
Notice to organizations making updates: The User ID and Password you were provided by the County BH/DD office is unique to your organization, allows you to make changes to your own information, and should not be shared with others. Additionally, the information you enter is public via the read-only log-in information provided to community service providers; therefore personal, private, or identifying information about individual residents or service recipients should NEVER be included in any of the data fields.
If all waiting lists are closed, please notify Stacey Cylinder and Tom Costello at and to notify them of a potential referral.