EMS On Status

Active incidents are dispatched from the Emergency Operations Center in Eagleville.
The contents are updated at five minute intervals from the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.

Last Updated 3/21/2023 6:24:32 AM    screen refresh rate is every 5 minutes

UnitTypeMDC Equipped
308-11 NO
308-21 NO
308-32 NO
313-11 NO
318-1 NO
322-12 YES
322-4 YES
325-3 YES
329-28 YES
336-3 YES
345-14 YES
345-32 NO
345-45 YES
345-49 YES
351-15 YES
351-4 YES
352-1 YES
352-13 YES
355-2 YES
356-12 YES
356-3 YES
358-1 YES
358-13 YES
369-3 YES
376-18 YES
376-21 NO
376-35 YES
376-4 YES
381-8 YES
382-7 YES
384-1 YES
385-4 YES
3A102 NO
3A2-1 NO
3A2-2 NO
3A3 NO
3A4-1 NO
3A5 NO
3A65-1 NO
3A67-1 NO
3A83-4 NO
3A84-2 YES
3A87-4 NO
3M65 NO
4A108 NO
4A113-1 NO
4A114-1 NO
4A129 NO
4A134 NO
4A151 NO
4A174 NO
4A176 NO
4A186 NO
4M108 NO
4M114 NO
4M129 NO
4M134 NO
4M151 NO
4M174 NO
4M176 NO
4M186 NO
5A96-1 YES
5M96 NO
6A103 NO
6A108 NO
6A108A NO
6A15 NO
6A153 NO
6M108 NO
7A505-1 NO
7A525-3 NO
7A655-1 NO
7M505 NO
7M525 NO
M352A NO
M356 NO
M356A NO
M376 NO
M376A NO
M376B NO
M376C NO

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